Bethesda Old Georgetown
At Kicks Karate we value your convenience and have established many other locations in the DC metropolitan area to accommodate your needs. Choose the location that is nearest you from the drop down list below:

Old Georgetown

Georgetown Square
10400 Old Georgetown Road
Suite 3A
Bethesda, MD 20814


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Mon-Fri: 10am to 9pm
Sat: 9 am to 1pm
Sun: Closed
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  • Over 20 Years in Business
  • Offer Classes for Children, Teens, & Adults
  • Over 4,000 Students Enrolled
  • Top-Flight Instruction
  • Safe, Clean and Sanitary Learning Environment
  • Flexible Scheduling

Martial arts programs are available for children – as young as 3 years old – learning basic techniques, through adults acquiring advanced skills. Students are grouped by age for the best quality of instruction. We also offer kickboxing classes for adults seeking an aerobic workout that incorporates many martial arts elements.

  • 2019 Friendship tournament

    Saturday, November 16, 2019
    Activity Center at Bohrer Park
    (506 S. Frederick Ave., Gaithersburg, MD 20877)

    Report times for competitors:
    Tiny Tigers (ages 3 & 4) 9:00am
    Little Ninjas (ages 4 -7) 9:00am
    Children (ages 6 – 9) 11:00am
    Children (ages 10 – 11) 12:30pm
    Ages 12 & over 1:30pm

    Tournament flyer

    Tournament Rules

    Tournament Divisions

    Tiny Tiger Application

    Little Ninja Application

    Children & Adult Application

    Buddy Day Ticket

    Are you planning on bringing a buddy to class? No Problem!
    Just remember to let your instructor know, print out a Buddy Day Ticket and have your buddy bring it to class with them.
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    2019 Belt Test Schedule

    September 13th & 14th
    December 13th & 14th

Class Schedules | Bethesda (Old Georgetown)Join Today!

Print PDF Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
White & Yellow 3:30pm (A) 11:15am (A)
3:30pm (B)
5:50pm (A)
1:00pm (A)
4:00pm (A)
11:15am (A)
3:30pm (B)
6:00pm (A)
1:00pm (A)
4:00pm (A)
9:00am (A)
Orange & Above  3:30pm (A) 11:15am (A)
3:30pm (B)
6:20pm (A)
1:00pm (A)
4:30pm (A)
11:15am (A)
3:30pm (B)
6:30pm (A)
1:00pm (A)
4:30pm (A)
 9:30am (A)

Print PDF Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
White & Gold 6:20pm (A) 5:10pm (A) 1:00pm (A)
6:20pm (A)
3:50pm (A) 1:00pm (A)
5:00pm (A)
10:00am (A)
Yellow & Orange  5:00pm (A) 4:30pm (A) 1:00pm (A)
5:00pm (A)
4:30pm (A)

7:00pm (A)

1:00pm (A)
6:20pm (A)
 10:40am (A)
Green & Above  5:40pm (A) 3:50pm (A) 5:40pm (A)
1:00pm (A)
4:30pm (A)
7:00pm (A)
 11:20am (A)

Print PDF Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
White & Gold 6:30pm (B) 4:00pm (B) 5:40pm (B) 6:30pm (B) 4:50pm (B) 12:20pm (B)
Yellow & Orange 5:40pm (B) 4:50pm (B) 6:30pm (B) 7:20pm (B) 4:00pm (B) 11:30am (B)
Green, Blue & Purple 4:50pm (B) 6:30pm (B) 4:50pm (B) 4:00pm (B) 7:20pm (B) 10:40am (B)
Red 7:00pm (A) 7:20pm (B) 4:00pm (B) 4:50pm (B) 6:30pm (B) 12:00pm (A)
Brown 4:00pm (B) 6:50pm (A) 7:00pm (A) 5:40pm (B) 7:00pm (A) 9:50am (B)
Black 7:50pm (A) 5:40pm (B) – – – – 5:10pm (A) 7:50pm (A) 1:10am (B)
1st DAN & above 4:00pm (A) 5:40pm (B) 7:50pm (A) – – – – 5:40pm (B) 1:10pm (B)

Print PDF Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Karate 8:10pm (B) 7:45pm (A) 8:10pm (B) 7:45pm (A) – – – – 9:00am (B)
Kickboxing  7:20pm (B) 12:00pm (B)
8:10pm (B)
12:00pm (B)

7:20pm (B)

12:00pm (B)
8:10pm (B)
12:00pm (B)  8:00am (B)