Fitness Kickboxing

Are you looking for a fast-paced, bag smashin’, calorie burnin’, adrenaline pumpin’ action packed workout? If you are, you have to try one of Kicks Karate’s Fitness Kickboxing classes now! Our fitness kickboxing classes combine high energy music with the kicks, punches, and strikes of kickboxing for the ultimate conditioning workout. You’ll see greater muscular definition, improved cardiovascular fitness, greater flexibility, and let’s not forget, the ability to protect yourself! Need to lose weight? You couldn’t ask for a better workout to do it! You will truly enjoy these 50-minute action packed adult classes. Train like a real kickboxer and get in the best shape of your life!<?p>

Our Fitness Kickboxing program was designed with three primary goals:

1. To improve each student’s overall fitness level through:

  • Increased cardiovascular conditioning
  • Gains in strength, flexibility and body shaping
  • Promote healthy weight loss and maintenance

2. To improve self-esteem and self-confidence through the development of kickboxing skills

3. To train hard and learn in a safe, fun, high energy atmosphere

You may wonder what makes Kicks Karate so unique? Or, how we are different from other martial arts schools? There are actually a variety of reasons we could list, but here are just a few:

Top Flight Instruction

Our instructors are full-time professional martial artists. They have years of experience teaching and working with adults. They will make sure you are taught how to do your techniques properly. This will not only help you develop better skills but can also help you avoid injury.


We understand that our students have very busy schedules. That’s why we offer our students a very flexible schedule that includes morning, late afternoon and evening classes for your convenience. Most students attend classes twice per week, but you can come as often as your schedule will permit.

Safe and Clean Learning Environment

All of our schools are professionally cleaned every evening to maintain a clean and sanitary environment for our students to train in. We understand how important this is to our entire student body.

Everyone works at their own pace (with a gentle push)

With a combination of great music and enthusiastic instructors, we will keep you motivated, working hard, and having fun, all while getting you in the best shape of your life.

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