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A: Absolutely. Any physical activity involves some risk of injury. However, all of our classes are taught by certified Black Belt instructors who strictly monitor all classes to ensure the safety of every student. The risk involved in training in our martial arts classes is no greater than participating in soccer or dance classes.

A: Not at all. At Kicks Karate we teach our students how to focus and develop their concentration. We will work with your son to teach him how to channel his excess energy in a more positive direction.

A: The environment created for your daughter is always fun, positive and exciting. Our courteous staff of instructors are very patient with the children, yet very clear about limits. We lead by example and enforce proper rules of conduct in our classes that are expected to be followed at home and in school. Students are required to meet certain standards in order to be promoted to the next belt level. We offer incentives for good behavior and academics to encourage each student in their quest for excellence.

A: At Kicks Karate we incorporate confidence building drills into every class. Each child receives personal praise and recognition for their accomplishments. When students earn their belts, it gives them a great sense of achievement that really improves the way they feel about themselves. Participation in karate classes is different from team sports because the only person you compete against is yourself.

A: At Kicks Karate we promote non-violent resolutions to conflict. Your children will be taught how to avoid conflict and resolve differences without resorting to fighting and to use what they have learned only as a last resort when defending themselves in specific situations.

A: Our classes are divided strictly by age group and skill level. Your son will always be in a class with students of his own age and ability so our instructors can focus in on the particular needs of the group and design lesson plans that are informative, fun and exciting.

A: For best results, we recommend that your daughter attend class an average of twice per week plus practicing a little at home. We offer classes six days per week, so our class schedule is very flexible. If your daughter happens to miss one of her regularly scheduled classes, she can make it up at your convenience.

A: The belts represent the rank and proficiency of the student. Students begin at white belt. As they improve and their level of skill increases, they earn darker color belts, eventually culminating with the Black Belt. The belt ranking system also serves as a merit system, rewarding students for their continued effort and improvement which helps to increase their self-esteem.



A: You can think of our classes as an exercise program with a bonus—you will be learning how to defend yourself while you lose weight and get in great shape. With your increased strength and stamina you will have more energy and feel great all day long. Also, you will never feel out of place because everyone trains at their own individual pace.

A: Absolutely! Doctors recommend physical exercise to relieve stress. In addition, we practice special breathing exercises in our classes that will help your husband increase his level of relaxation for a longer happier life.

A: Definitely! With any physical activity there is always the risk of injury. We try to minimize these risks by utilizing the best training equipment on the market. Our staff works very hard to ensure that every aspect of our program is taught under safe learning conditions. The risk of injury while participating in classes at Kicks Karate is no greater than taking an aerobics class or playing recreational softball.

A: Assertiveness is derived directly from self-confidence. By taking classes at Kicks Karate your body will get stronger and your mind will be sharper. Once you learn how to protect and defend yourself, you will become more self-confident and this will allow you to be more assertive.

A: One of the reasons our program is so successful is because our instructors make sure every class is fun and exciting. We learned a special secret a long time ago—if people are enjoying themselves, they learn much faster!

A: Positively! At Kicks Karate we teach a complete self defense system. We will work with you so that you know how to recognize and avoid dangerous situations and how to resolve conflicts peacefully. If this doesn’t work, you will be prepared to defend yourself with a wide variety of practical, proven self defense skills. You will be prepared!

A: Karate focuses on developing and maintaining a healthy body and mind. Our unique program will help you improve your concentration for better work and study skills. You will learn how to set and achieve goals, making you more successful in all aspects of your life. You will also find that as you continue to practice, your confidence and discipline will improve and you will develop a more positive attitude toward life.

A: Your coordination and reflexes will improve, increasing your performance in karate and other physical activities as well. By increasing your flexibility, you will decrease your risk of injury to joints and muscles. Also, our great cardiovascular workouts will strengthen your heart and lungs, keeping you healthy and active for the rest of your life!