The staff here is wonderful
The staff here is wonderful with our son, who is on the autism spectrum. They are stern, fair, and very patient and understanding. Even though he may not be the best in his group, the staff ensures that our son is an active participant.

Ken Miller.
Urbana, Maryland

Great Karate School
This is a great karate school – the instructors make it so much fun for little ones, and everyone is really friendly. My daughters have been students at Kicks Karate Bethesda for over four years – through the Tiny Tiger program, then Little Ninja, and now Children. I’ve also participated in the adult Kickboxing program, which is a great workout! Highly recommend for the entire family!

Mimi S.
Bethesda, Maryland

Self esteem
I signed our son up for Karate mainly to help him build confidence. He is very quiet, shy, and anxious, so we wanted him to participate in something that would boost his self-esteem. Since he has started, he no longer bites his nails, and once in a while he will even raise his hand to answer a question! We know he loves it because he practices every day on his own.
Words cannot express how pleased we are with the program and staff — you guys are all so amazing and enthusiastic!!!!

Elieen D.

Happy Place
We signed our son up so he would gain self confidence and know how to defend himself. What Kicks Karate has done for him is so much more than we ever expected!! He has found his passion and his happiness. He is a different child than he was before he learned karate. He loves karate but he also loves the people at Kicks because they treat him with respect and kindness. He always says Kicks Karate is his HAPPY PLACE!! You guys are the best and we appreciate all of you so much!

Amy P.
N. Potomac

Great learning experience
Ben joined karate at 4 with us having no knowledge of martial arts at all. At the time, we wanted to help him with his focus and concentration. His 9th anniversary is coming up and boy has it ever helped! He feels that he can defend himself, gets a great weekly workout and is a responsible, mature, middle schooler concerned with being on time and making a positive impression to those around him. His little brother, Grayson, is right behind him because Kicks Karate Germantown has been such a great learning experience!

Amanda .

I highly recommend it!
Wonderful instructors who care about the kids. Mason loves the school and all the teachers. They have alot patient with the kids. I highly recommend it.

Gretchen K.
Frederick , MD

Black belt & beyond
We wanted our children to gain self-control, maintain self-esteem, and learn self-defense. As a bonus, they have met wonderful role models during their journey to black belt & beyond. Can’t say enough great things about the Kicks program!

Amy W.

Providing a positive presence
We have been at Kicks Karate in Clarksburg since August 2014 and my 3.5 year old son has really flourished with his teachers there. The teachers are consistent, energetic, positive, and teach incredibly important social emotional skills Grayson learns and practices between sessions at home with me. I’m so grateful to the opportunity for Grayson to attend. Thanks to Mr. Matt, Mr. Esau , Mr. Nick, Mr. Joel, Ms. Isobel, and all the others for providing such a positive presence in my son’s life.

Jessika B.

My 4yr old started about 3 months ago. I mainly signed him up to help with self discipline and to work on his listening skills. He’s still a work in progress but it’s working. The instructors at the Rockville location are wonderful. I highly recommend this karate school.

Shawnell B.
Rockville , MD

Positive and Encouraging
Both of my boys love Kicks Karate. The instructors are very engaged with the students and keep them interested during the entire class. Over the last six months I have seen a noticeable improvement in their physical conditioning due to the exercises in class. The instructors keep the lessons very positive and encourage the students to work hard. I really appreciate the flexible schedule. I highly recommend Kicks Karate!

Alexa B.
Frederick, MD

4 years and LOVES it
My son has been going to Kicks since he was 3 and he absolutely loves it there and the instructors. They are all so good with the kids at keeping them in line and with the instruction. It has definitely helped my child with self control, balance, and discipline. I highly recommend them and so does my 7 year old soon to be green belt!! :)

Michele L.
Urbana, MD

Family Oriented Community
We joined Kicks Karate as a recreational activity, but have found a family oriented community. Kicks offers my girls the chance to learn karate skills, as well as teaching important life skills: self-control, perseverance, and confidence. I feel the skills they are learning here will benefit them, academically and socially, for a lifetime.

Maritza F.
New Market, MD

Cohesive team of excellent instructors
I generally don’t write reviews, but feel very strongly about Kick’s Karate, so when I saw a less-than-5-stars rating, I felt the need to weigh in. My two kids attend the Glen Echo location, and LOVE it. Is it a cheap date? Of course not, but it’s no more expensive than many other sports/activities in our area if you consider that your child trains twice per week. Is it a big commitment to get a child to karate twice a week (or more if you have multiple kids)? Of course it is. Do we miss classes? Sometimes. However, there is the option to attend extra sessions in weeks prior to planned missed days, or after for any reason. If you have a longer planned absence due to travel or other documentable reason, you may put your membership on suspension for periods of a month or more. That said, I cannot speak highly enough about the fantastic staff at Kicks Glen Echo. They treat every child with respect, and elicit respect in return. Mr. Ricky is a fantastic role model and inspires the kids to strive to meet their goals, and runs a cohesive team of excellent instructors who teach sportsmanship, athletics, self-respect and discipline in age-appropriate ways and ALWAYS with love and kindness. They care genuinely about helping each child to do their best and to be their best. They help pull shy children out of their shells, rambunctious children to listen and follow directions, and all children to develop physical skills and build a stronger sense of self. My children have gotten the most out of Kicks Karate that they have out of any other single activity hands down. The money and the effort of attending are well worth it for us.

K T.
Bethesda, MD

Highly recommend!!
Amazing!!! I highly recommend Kicks Karate in Poolesville!! They’re incredibly patient and outgoing, my son enjoys every second he’s there!! They have unique relationships with each of their students :)

Jessica C.
Clarksburg, MD

Very Impressed!
Very impressed with the level of intensity and discipline executed in the adults classes. Looking forward to more!

James J.
Washington, DC

Staff is Amazing!
I started out at Kicks Karate North Potomac 12 years ago, but had to leave because of school. Years later I came back and have enjoyed every second of it. The staff is amazing and so motivating I always love doing both karate and kickboxing. I highly recommend Kicks Karate!

Ariel S.
Potomac, MD

Kicks Karate is AMAZING!!
Kicks karate @ rockville is AMAZING! The instructors are wonderful, and have taught my daughter so many great skills and lessons while having fun. Love it

Cynthia D.
Rockville, MD

The instructors are PHENOMENAL with kids! My daughter loves going to class.

Ann H.
Bethesda, MD

Great Results
Our whole family trains- my husband, me, and our two children. It is truly a life changing experience for all of us and has been a lot of fun too! You won’t be disappointed in the results both physically and mentally. The instructors are very good and really treat each student like they can achieve anything. We have seen great results in our children especially in their school performance as a result of their time here.

Mimi G.
Bethesda, MD

Knowledgable and patient
All the instructors are knowledgeable and beyond patient with the little ones…especially mine who just LOVES to talk and tell his stories!! Keep it up!!

Jamie B.
Columbia, MD

High Quality instruction
Fun, age-appropriate, high quality instruction in a bright, clean facility. The instructors are awesome. This program is great for developing confidence and leadership skills while improving focus, concentration and self control.

Sara F.
Frederick, MD

Professional and Kid-Friendly
My daughter had a wonderful birthday, they are the best! Mr. Brad did a wonderful job, thank you to the awesome staff! Everyone is very professional, patient, and kid friendly. Would recommend to anyone because they truly care about your child.

Dolores G.
Hyattsville, MD

Kicks Karate staff is great with children!
I have 2 children attending this Kicks location. Both my children started at the Little Ninja level at 4 years old. We’ve been going there for 7 years and my son just became a black belt. The staff led by Mr Daniel, are professional, energetic,friendly and so unbelievable good with children. I’ve personally seen them turn very unfocused children into focused kids in a matter of a few months. It is very well run and offers very flexible schedules for all belt levels. My children attend 2-3 days a week, and there are classes for both of them 6 days a week for me to choose from. This is excellent for busy parents and other activities your kids attend. It is a very well run, positive environment for both children and staff. I can attest that my kids have much better self confidence, focus and are much more patient because of Kicks! Thank you for making my children better people!

Kristin J.
Gaithersburg, MD

Love the kids program and kickboxing class!
The karate program for kids is wonderful, the instructors make it so enjoyable and fun for the little ones. And the adult kickboxing classes are a great workout, the instructors are very encouraging, but always push you to take it a little further each time. A great place for family fitness! (And also birthday parties, my daughter had hers there in 2012, everyone had a blast!)

Kathy P.
Bethesda, MD

I Love This Place!
You know I love this place – and all the amazing instructors who have been there – Master Lee, from when my baby was a little Ninja, Mister Gray from when my other baby started, and now Mr. Daniel who coaches us all to higher heights.

Linda F.
Gaithersburg, MD

Not ONLY teaches karate…
Kicks Karate not only teaches Karate but they integrate life skills such as “listening the first time,” “obey your parents,” “eating healthy” and “random acts of kindness.” As parents we appreciate an organization that supports the values we hold and the return on investment far exceeds anything we could have imagined. Kicks Karate is truly dedicated to making an impact in your child’s life long term.

Jeremy W.
Montgomery County, MD

Instructors are great role models
This place is a very positive environment for children. I have never seen a group of more dedicated and friendly staff. Every time I come here I see everyone given a warm personal greeting making you feel welcome and appreciated. Every class is well run and perfectly timed having the kids move from one activity to another without confusion. The instructors are great role models with a perfect splash of humor. The children have so much fun when they are here. I have seen so many different types of children benefit from their classes. The shy children open up, the clingy children at the beginning of every class are showing such confidence and the children who had trouble focusing and becoming disciplined. The facility is always clean, there is plenty of parking and they are always having some sort of seasonal activity. My child (4 years old) looks forward to coming here. He is making friends and I am seeing better behavior at home because of things he is learning. I wish I felt nearly this positive about some of the other activities I signed up for in the past.

Lauren C.
Gaithersburg, MD

My son is 100% in love with the program
Highly recommended!! My son has attended Kicks in Poolesville for the past few years and is still 100% in love with the program. The instructors are amazing, not only are they committed to providing top notch instruction they care for each and every student on a personal level. It has been a blast as a parent to watch my son grow as a karate student. The lessons taught at Kicks Karate are not just about fighting, my son has learned many life lessons as well ( respect, how to deal with bullying, listening skills, and so much more). Thank you to all of the Kicks family, you all do a great job!

Jim C.
Clarksburg, MD