Martial Arts

Kicks Karate is Your Family Martial Arts Academy. We offer a variety of programs designed around students’ specific needs. Classes are divided by age AND skill level, ensuring that classes contain students with similar maturity and ability. All of our programs are designed to help students develop and improve important life skills. We also focus on practical modern self-defense, including situational and emotional awareness, and physical self-protection and defense if the need arises. Most importantly, we conduct our classes in a safe, fun-filled atmosphere for learning. Choose the program that suits your or your loved ones from the list below and get started today!

Kicks Karate is your family martial arts academy. We offer a variety of programs based on age and maturity. All of our classes are divided by age and skill level to help ensure your success. More importantly, we conduct all of our classes in a safe fun filled atmosphere of learning. Choose the program below that suits you or your loved one the best and get started today!

Tiny Tigers | 3-4 Years Old

Our Tiny Tigers program is designed to give your child a jump start in life and at preschool. Kicks Karate instructors are trained to be experts in “edu-tainment”, helping students learn while having fun at the same time. At this age we want the students to develop the building blocks of improving their attention span, developing basic motor skills (balance, coordination, agility, etc.), and social skills. We have even designed our facilities to help decrease separation anxiety from parents. Explore more or join today!

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Little Ninjas | 5-7 Years Old

Our Little Ninja’s program was designed to help your child succeed in school and at home. We’ve put together a fantastic program geared specifically for the developmental needs of children ages 5 to 7. It will help boost their confidence, promote their self-control, and discipline allowing them to reach continued success at any age. Explore more or join today!

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Children Martial Arts | 8-12 Years Old

Our Children’s program is designed to help with your child’s personal growth and achievement. One of the main goals of this class is to improve their mental focus and teach them important life skills, like self-control and respect. Our instructors help them develop respect for themselves and others while creating a fun filled atmosphere for learning. Explore more or join today!

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Teen & Adults | 13+ Years Old

Our teen and adults program is more than just a workout. We have structured the sessions to promote personal development. Self-defense involves more than just physical skills. We focus on mental and emotional self-defense as well as help you develop respect for others, by others. Goals are set for improvement and our top flight instructors will aid you in improving your all around skill level. Explore more or join today!

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