Children Martial Arts | 8-12 Years Old

Personal Growth & Achievement
Improved Mental Focus [Kicks Karate Children’s Classes]

Over time, children can develop a habit of letting their eyes wander while someone is talking to them. If never corrected, this can hurt a child’s ability to concentrate in school, at home and eventually at work.

Looking in the eyes is one of the most basic skills we teach our students. Your child will learn to always look in the eyes when someone is talking to him. Developing the habit of looking in the eyes leads to improved concentration. In turn, this helps improve attention span and eventually even better grades in school.

First time listening is another important skill our students are taught early on. Students get to be so good at listening that they only need to be told once to do something by instructors and parents.

Improved Life Skills (Life Skills/Safe Skills)

Aside from physical martial arts skills, Kicks Karate students also go through the Kicks Karate trademarked Life Skills/Safe Skills program.

Designed by Master Bussard and taught only at Kicks Karate, this is a priceless collection of lessons on respect, self-control, proper attitude, and many other topics. These lessons are reviewed and read aloud in every children’s class and they are really what the essence of the martial arts is all about.

Also included in these lessons are techniques in how to de-escalate situations, nonviolent conflict resolution strategies and “bully-basics”. Your child will be prepared both inside and out.

Respectful Attitude

The martial arts both begin and end with respect. In fact, it is built into the foundation of our practice sessions. Students are not just told to respect each other; they learn to respect each other by bowing to each other before and after practicing together. It is another way of saying, “thank you” for helping me learn and get better.

Desire for Growth & Achievement

There are no bench-warmers in our classes. Everyone works together in class, but with all things, they may progress at different rates and skill levels. Just as one student may earn an “A” in science class while another receives a grade of “C”, the same thing happens in karate.

Because children grow and develop at different paces, we track student progress on an individual, personal basis. Kicks Karate has a built in reward system (belt colors/ranks) that rewards students for progress, and also helps improve self-esteem and build confidence. Your child will quickly learn that he can earn his next belt if he puts in the amount of time and energy necessary to achieve it.

Even more importantly, they develop a winning attitude and their self-confidence excels in all areas of their lives.

Learning Environment (Edu-tainment)

Successful life skills and habits take practice, time and energy to develop. Kicks Karate instructors are taught to be experts in “edu-tainment”. We discovered a long time ago that students learn and retain more when they are having fun at the same time. In addition, by keeping things both fun and educational, we ensure that the students want to continue to come back again and again.

Top Flight Instruction (maximum 8-1 student/teacher ratio)

We maintain a maximum 8-1 student to teacher ratio in our classes. This helps us guarantee that all students get the personalized instruction they deserve as they advance through the belt ranks.

Students train under our full-time professional black belt instructors. Our staff is trained in the most modern and effective teaching methods to ensure that all our students are taught properly and safely.

Safe, clean and sanitary learning environment

One of the most important goals we have is to provide a safe, clean and sanitary place for our students to train and improve. That is why our schools are professionally cleaned each evening. We understand how important this is to our students and their parents.


Our students typically take two classes per week. We offer classes six days per week for your convenience with a wide variety of days and times to choose from.

We understand that parents are busy and kids are involved in a wide variety of activities, and these activities sometimes have strict schedules. Those activities may not have flexibility, but we do. Even someone with the most hectic schedule will be able to find class times to suit them at Kicks Karate.